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As Salaamu Alaikum,

Peace be upon you, Queen! 

I'm Coach N'aimah, wife, mother, grandmother, fundraising strategist, life and business coach, world traveler, and triathlete.​

Did you know that I was once a stay-at-home mom?

My first job after having children, homeschooling them for some years, and deciding to go to work was working as an assistant treasurer. I landed the job because someone knew me and wanted to give me a chance really. They didn't even know if I had the skillset, but they wanted better for me. I was able to do the work because I learned the skill at home while being a stay-at-home mom. It was an awesome surprise to both of us that I had such a skillset. I spent the next ten years honing several skills, creating my own business, and working to make over six figures. This was a long stretch away from the $8,000 a year I use to make with 4 children in private school. My story is really about a transformation that took my dreams and turned them into reality. My story is your story. I wanted to share a small part of it with you because, if I can transform my life, you can transform yours. 

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The Lady Khadijah Institute helps individuals easily access the education, mindset, mentorship, and network they need to lay the foundation and grow their wildly successful businesses.


Our Why

We live in a world that is extremely imbalanced when it comes to women and money.

In virtually every profession, women are lagging behind men financially. Working just as hard—or harder—but not earning nearly enough.

  • Women run 40% of small businesses, but generate only 4% of the revenue.

  • Only 6% of women earn six figures per year, compared to 13% of men.

  • Women are 35% more likely than men to experience poverty, especially later in life.

  • For Black women and other people of color, the statistics are even worse. White households have an average net worth that is 10x more than Black families.

Results You
Can Expect

Make more money — consistently — every single month.

Work towards becoming a millionaire — without sacrificing your health, family, or integrity.

Create a sustainable company that can eventually run without you.

Build generational wealth so that your kids (and their kids) will have access to assets, abundance, and more options in life.

Turn your side hustle into a main hustle that will make you millions.

Learn how to grow and lead your team and step into being a high-level CEO.

Make better financial decisions and maximize your earning potential.

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Be Her Now

Are you looking to replace confusion with clarity, tiredness with fulfillment, burnout with joy, and feeling lost with self-awareness all while making more money?

Join The Lady Khadijah Institute!

Our framework is LIVE, WORK, PLAY, AND PRAY.




Embracing Your Identity as a Muslim Woman

In this module, we delve into the intricate layers of identity that define a Muslim woman. We explore the various roles she takes on - daughter, sister, wife, mother - and how these roles align with the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, we navigate the challenges and triumphs that come with living as a Muslim woman in a complex world.


Hello Seven Growth Scale - A Path to Financial Empowerment


Drawing inspiration from Rachel Rodgers' "We Should All Be Millionaires," this module delves into the world of financial empowerment.


We dissect the "Hello Seven Growth Scale" and how it can be applied to the lives of Muslim women. By addressing and eliminating self-limiting beliefs - the "mind trash" - we unlock the potential to make more money, not just for personal gain, but to build a lasting legacy that aligns with our faith and values.


Infusing Joy and Creativity into Everyday Life

This module explores the importance of play and creativity in a Muslim woman's life. Through anecdotes and practical advice, we encourage readers to prioritize hobbies, creative pursuits, and joyful activities. We discuss the significance of making vacations a priority, engaging in social events, and fostering connections with friends and loved ones. Incorporating these elements into our lives enriches our overall well-being and finds deeper contentment.


Nurturing the Soul Through Spiritual Connection

The final module delves into women's profound spiritual connection through their wombs. We explore the concept of prayer as a means to center oneself and connect with the Creator. Delving into the heart of Islamic spirituality, we guide readers on how to tap into their intuition, strengthen their prayers, and deepen their relationship with Allah. By understanding the unique bond that women share with the divine, we find guidance, solace, and empowerment in our spiritual journey.

Through these four distinct concepts -


We embark on a transformative journey that celebrates the multifaceted identities of Muslim women. Nurturing the soul, unlocking financial potential, embracing creativity, and strengthening spiritual connections, this course serves as a comprehensive guide to holistic empowerment, reminding every Muslim woman of her inherent worth and power.

Client Love

“I am most happy to acknowledge the work of N'aimah Abdullah and her business "Get It Done" for the promotions developed and presented on behalf of Muslim Journal in the LaunchGood fundraiser, which was crucial in the weekly newspaper surviving through the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Her professionalism, creativity,and genuine concern are evident in all that she does."

- Ayesha K. Mustafaa,

Editor, Muslim Journal

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