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We're here to help you get your organization to the next level. There are a few questions that you need to answer before getting started. 

Are you a registered 501C 3? 

Have you been in business a minimum of 3 years? 

Do you have an annual review report? 

Are you clear on how this money will impact your business/organization?

Do you have accounting software, a bookkeeper, or your accounting books are present to 2022? 


If you answered YES to at least 3 of these questions, YOU ARE READY TO LEVEL UP! If you did not answer YES to at least 3 questions, click here.

Get a plan that will help you by providing expert advice, in-depth strategy, best practice recommendations, and more. We're here to make it easy and effective for you. We have cost effective plans, choose your plan today.

The Financial IDEA.png



The first step to your I.D.E.A. is to schedule a call with our strategist to discuss and describe your organization's vision and mission to identify the needs of your organization.



The next step will be for our strategist to take the information from the call and to develop a fundraising strategy. We will work to identify, nurture new and existing donors and create business opportunities to drive growth. Our strategies are built to attract donors, build engagement, and influence donors. 



The execution step is all about putting the strategy into motion. The implementation of a strategy takes commitment.  This effort works toward the organizational goals of the organization. This stage is also important when it comes to capacity building and success. If you don't have the capacity, how will you execute a plan? We are here to ensure our developing strategies help you to execute toward success.



The best way to understand if your strategy is working is to analyze your results. The analysis is to determine the effectiveness of the current strategy developed for your fundraising and tweak the results for better results.  

Scale A - Annual Revenue up to $99,999
Scale B - Annual Revenue up to $100,000-$249,999 
Scale C - Annual Revenue up to $250,000-$499,999 
Scale D - Annual Revenue up to $500,000-$1M 
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