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As Salaamu Alaikum, Peace be upon you Queen! 

I'm Coach N'aimah, wife, mother, grandmother, fundraising strategist, life and business coach, world traveler, and triathlete.

My story is your story. Did you know that I was once a stay at home mom? My first job after having children, homeschooling them for some years and deciding to go to work, was working as an assistant treasurer. I landed the job because someone knew me and wanted to give me a chance really. They didn't even know if I had the skillset, but they wanted to give me a chance. I was able to do the work because I learned the skill at home while being a stay at home mom. It was an awesome surprise to both of us that I had such a skillset. I spent the next 10 years honing several skills and creating my own business and working to make over 6 figures. My story is really a cliche' rags to riches story and I want to share it with you because if I can transform my life, you can transform your life. 

I'm looking for women who want to replace confusion with clarity, tiredness with fulfillment, burnout with joy, and feeling lost with self awareness. I want to provide the tools necessary for this transformation and to enable women to empower themselves and to make a change for themselves and their families.
Here's the criteria to be a member of the institute:

🔥You are a Muslim woman

🔥In your current life you are ready for a change and that includes beginning to feel less exhausted 

🔥You want joy to become a daily habit and that means removing frustration
🔥You would love to increase your annual income and make money to support yourself, your family and your community

🔥You would like to be a part of a community that understands what you are going through, build a squad to support you. 

🔥You want a high quality mind-set to make million dollar decisions

🔥 You are willing to learn boundaries and enforce them

🔥You are open, willing and ready to learn and follow a plan

🔥Change is something you want to learn to accept

🔥And you can make yourself a priority

If you match those criteria, let's get started!

I 'm on a mission to help 1,000 Muslim women make more money, have more joy, and Transform their lives.

1. Please read
2. Please share
3. Let's get you signed up! 

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