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Our mission is to ensure that we are able to assist companies, organizations and individuals at an Executive Level, high capacity, for a lower rate. We also ensure to give great customer service and quality work.   


As a virtual assistant company, we work remotely and use as many technological tools to deliver various services to our clients. We specialize in 5 top areas such as virtual office manager, project management, social media/technology specialist, grants, and consulting. We additionally specialize in marketing, graphic and Web design, bookkeeping, home and company organization. If you are looking to get your business up to speed, please let us know how we can assist you. 

What is a 

Virtual Assistant?


What is a 

Virtual Assistant?


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Bio of Virtual Assistant


As an educated and qualified administrative assistant with 18 years of combined and progressive experience, and qualified finance officer with 14 years of combined and progressive experience, I am a qualified virtual assistant that can assist your company in various ways.

My background includes administration, organization, time management, team work, computer operations, fundraising, technology specialist and interpersonal relationship skills. Additionally, I am well rounded, able to multi-task, and work well without supervision.  My work ethics are impeccable and I believe I am well suited to be your virtual assistant. 

These skills, combined with my experience, are a winning combination and should qualify and position me as a lead candidate.  In light of my previous successes, I believe I would become an immediate and viable asset to your organization.

Work Guarantee

All work done by Get It Done Virtual Assistant Company is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the work, please send a notice within 72 hours of receiving completed job. The job completion will then take an additional 72 hours to complete requested changes. After one week, all work is final. 

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